Matt St. Jean

Internet Marketing Expert

Trusted Consultant For Brands, Chains,
Franchises and Small Businesses.

Who is Matt?

avatar_mattMy primary responsibility for my clients is to drive online revenue by developing and implementing marketing strategies. I accomplish this by defining and identifying customer segments followed by a highly optimized outreach strategy. My latest projects have enabled me to create and maintain marketing campaigns that deliver consistent brand presence in each clients marketspace through blogging, online stores, and sales qualified leads.

By harnessing the amazing growth of the internet, I can help turn websites into lead generation machines. Through techniques like a/b testing, SEO, and other Inbound Marketing strategies, we can ensure the highest customer conversion rate possible. Beyond marketing I am available to work with sales teams to define a process to maximize the potential of each lead.


Matt’s passion and true understanding of marketing will make him a true Inbound Marketing Superstar! His understanding of the power of inbound marketing will allow him to separate from all others.

Mike Panza, Hubspot

“Matt is one of the few marketing and communications professionals I’ve worked with who truly understands the integrations points for marketing, PR, and social networking. He gets that these disciplines need to work together to drive lead generation and measurable web traffic. Also, Matt has taken advanced steps to refine this process and continues to innovate in this area. He is a pleasure to work with and has a long career in marketing!”

Dale Allaire, Bridgeview Marketing

Matt’s creativity, upbeat attitude, and high energy are infectious. Matthew is one of those rare marketing guys that has a ton of great ideas all of which are worthy of further consideration. I actually had trouble keeping up with the stream of incoming “Hey Adam, I’ve got a great idea!”‘s coming in from Matt on a daily basis. He’s a rare find and comes highly recommended.

Adam Powers, ExtraHop Networks

After working with Matt for a couple of years, we have seen increased website traffic and higher visitor engagement. This has resulted in an increased volume of high quality leads

Jim Stevens, Ardent Support Technologies



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